The Rev6

Straight Up

Webinar Series

Join Rev6 founder and creator Dr. Edythe Heus as she debunks the fitness myths keeping you from achieving optimal performance.

Past Webinars:

The Crippling Truth About Strength Training

Modern fitness hails strength training as the ultimate way to get stronger, healthier, and leaner. Blindly buy into the hype and you might just find yourself with chronic pain and nagging injuries.

Avoid the risks and breakthrough the limitations of strength training in this webinar led by Dr. Edythe Heus. She also explains:

    • Why you need to retire the saying “no pain, no gain”
    • Why strength training doesn’t always
      translate to functional strength
    • How to train to stay strong and mobile for a lifetime

    Only $29

    Why You Need to Stop Stretching Yourself Silly

    Stretching is universally promoted in the fitness space. But not all stretches are made equal. Most actually sabotage your coordination, balance, and resilience.

    Join movement expert Dr. Edythe Heus as she answers these pressing questions:

    • What’s wrong with the way you are stretching?
    • Should you stop stretching altogether?
    • What elements should you incorporate in your
      workout for mobility?

    Only $29