Vitality FOr Seniors

Level 1 Vitality for Seniors Certification

Live course

Become Certified / Engage with us in Corporate Licensing Level One live course will be a two and a half day intensive, hands-on training with Dr. Edythe Heus, creator of Rev6™, the foundation for this game-changer program designed specially for Seniors in any level of fitness. Dr. Edythe has honed in the neurologically based aspect of her system of movement to enhance the life of Elders, including those with cognitive impairment disorders. Sequences will be provided for the treatment of specific conditions, as well as guidelines to follow to ensure positive outcomes for your patients, clients, or assisted living residents in your senior living corporation. This innovative method for Elders uses somatosensory tools to create exercises that stimulate the brain and improve the body. Senior Vitality is based on the same principles of all Rev6™ programs are based on: novel, integrative and complex movements that are fun and challenging. The benefits include improvements in balance, agility, posture, gait, reaction time, flexibility, fall prevention, energy, focus and concentration. Participants report they are doing things they haven’t done in their entire life and feel more confident, energized and “spring in their step.” Individuals with neurological challenges, dementia, wheelchair users, and healthy adults have all benefited. Emphasis is placed on movement observation and challenge, neurological testing, and strategically selecting and implementing programs based on those results. By the end of the weekend, after passing the certification exam, you will have the ability to start using Vitality for Seniors programs with your patients or clients.

Corporate Licensing

Rev6 is an ideal program for any senior lifestyle corporation seeking groundbreaking, effective and transformational user-friendly programs for their residents or participants. We will be happy to schedule a Level 1 Certification for your staff and provide monthly continued education support through video conference live trainings by Dr. Edythe herself and certified staff. Watch this video made by Meridian Senior Living, a global corporation currently providing care and life services to more than 7,000 residents nationwide and in China. The video highlights their Rev6™ Vitality for Seniors program.

For Movement Professionals:

Learn how to work with Seniors in all stages and give them back the gift of improved movement with ease and neurological restoration. Whether is for your client, family or community member, you will benefit personally my integrating this important knowledge to your body ahead of time. There’s nothing like preparing way before feeling signs of aging to thrive in your golden years.

For Our Patients:

We always encourage our patients to take Vitality for Seniors and dive deep into understanding how to nurture their cognitive health with movement. The results yield to being in full ownership of the aging process, producing the best version of their golden years. Patients who attend our certification program learn how to work their personalized Vitality program into their daily life to ensure freedom of movement and cognitive resilience in one of the most challenging life transitions in everybody’s life: aging into the future.