Dr. Edythe Heus launches Virtual Rev6™ classes

Rev6™ was designed to strengthen, rebuild and restore your body from the inside out. These classes will help you build strength and muscle at the same time they revitalize your fascia, regenerate your nervous system and tune up your brain. They will also introduce you to your pelvic floor, the little-known secret to explosive power and strength. The brain thrives on novelty and that’s exactly what you’ll find with Rev6™. My classes will challenge your body and your mind with instability, variable resistance and plyometrics. These virtual classes have been a blessing in disguise. I’ve been joined by people all over the world and have found no limitations in working remotely. My groups are intentionally small to provide personalized attention for everyone.

Foundation Class

(Prerequisite to attend any Rev6 virtual class)

This is my entry level class. For those who have not done Rev6 you will need to attend a Foundations class first.

Class time: 35 minutes

Level 1 Class (Rejuvenate)

This class will repair and rebuild your body, revitalize your fascia, regenerate your nervous system and tune up your brain. In this class, we’ll increase instability challenges, create variable means of resistance, restore and improve the stretch reflex in preparation for plyometrics. We’ll also add breathing dynamics. You will be challenged, invigorated and pushed to be your best.

Each class is a unique sequence of movements based on what I want the group to accomplish. One class may focus on refining the connection between your lower abdominals and your shoulders, another your pelvic floor and hips. I build classes to support previous classes. Rev6 is a dynamic ever- expanding system that organizes your body so it can expand and accommodate progressive ways of moving, thinking and living.

Like the Foundation Class, I will perform several repetitions of an exercise while describing key components to performing the exercise successfully. Then I will stop, watch and correct you. As with all my classes, they are small and you will get plenty of personalized instruction.

Class time: 40 minutes

Prerequisite: Foundation Class mastery or equivalent

You will be invited to the advanced Level 2 (Accelerate) Class when you have successfully been Rejuvenated.

Level 2 Class (Accelerate)

These classes are dynamic, challenging, risky, playful and will make you uncomfortable. Rev6 gets you comfortable with being uncomfortable. That discomfort and perception of risk will set you up to more readily reach the flow state (the zone). You will be fully engaged, fully immersed and focused during the class. You will feel expanded, integrated and renewed. New circuits will be formed in your nervous system and brain. Prepare to be surprised. You will perform your best, look your best, and reverse aging.
Whether you are an athlete looking for an edge or someone that likes to push your limits and wants to slow or reverse the aging process, this class is for you.

The brain thrives on novelty and that is what this class delivers. Dynamic, complex movements on diverse and challenging unstable surfaces with varying resistances including jump training are incorporated into these classes.

As with the other classes I perform the exercises with you, make corrections and amp up the intensity and difficulty appropriate to the participants. The effect of these classes continues for 24-48 hours afterwards.

Class time: 45 minutes

Prerequisite: Level 1 Class (Rejuvenate) mastery or equivalent

Equipment: Ball, bells, Rev6 slant board, Rev6 pipes, BOSU ball (1 or 2)

Please be respectful of others in the class. If you find a move too challenging don’t attempt it. I will see you and if appropriate modify it for you.

This is not for people that want to be coddled, it is for people that want to make progress, are willing to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and are risk takers.

Pelvic Floor Class

Training the pelvic floor integrates and stabilizes your body. It will improve your alignment and movement and create a source of power and strength that will radically change your athletic ability. Very few people–even professional athletes–have trained the pelvic floor in this way. The ones who have worked with me have experienced a massive improvement in their performance. This class will restore elasticity, tone, and strength to your pelvic floor. Both women and men benefit from this class. Each class is unique and builds upon the progress we’ve made in the preceding classes. Each member will receive individual attention and correction. Breath is a vital component of pelvic floor fitness and is incorporated into all of the sequences. These classes will help reverse the aging process and resolve other functional issues within the body. You will experience the connection between your pelvic floor and your feet, hips, abdominal muscles, spine, and your brain. Most importantly, you will see improvements in your physical, mental, emotional, and sexual wellbeing. The benefits become apparent in as few as 3 sessions.

Equipment needed: You will need a properly fitted physioball and in some cases hand weights


Dr. Edythe has honed in the neurologically-based aspect of her system of movement to enhance the life of Elders, including those with cognitive impairment disorders. Sequences will be provided for the treatment of specific conditions, as well as guidelines to follow to ensure positive outcomes for your loved ones, or assisted living residents in your senior living corporation. We have partnered with Meridian Senior Living to revolutionize health in Assisted Living communities around the United States. The virtual classes will bring to the Livestream classroom communities and individuals ready to feel better, gain balance and feel the vitality deserved.

This innovative method for Elders uses somatosensory tools to create exercises that stimulate the brain and improve the body. Vitality by Rev6 is based on the same principles of all Rev6 programs are based on: novel, integrative and complex movements that are fun and challenging.

The benefits include improvements in balance, agility, posture, gait, reaction time, flexibility, fall prevention, energy, focus and concentration.

Participants report they are doing things they haven’t done in their entire life and feel more confident, energized and “spring in their step.” Individuals with neurological challenges, dementia, wheelchair users, and healthy adults have all benefited.

Class Schedule & Registration

*Note: packages are valid for six weeks after purchase