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I may not be alive if it were not for Rev6.

- Christopher Tierney

Spiderman Turn Off the Dark

Rev6 is the only program that allowed my body to harness power again without suffering the unnecessary wear and tear caused by other fitness programs.

- A.A.

3 X National High Jump Champion and 5 X Olympian

Rev6 is the most effective training I have ever encountered that can be applied to any activity or sport. Just as music takes dance from mere technique into art, Rev6 develops athletes into all-stars and transforms the injured into health.

- D.M.

Colorado Ballet consultant

I had sought help from many highly respected and skillful practitioners. Only Dr. Heus and her program resolved for me , in a few days, a major illness that had caused me to cancel almost all of my professional engagements. She also healed a myriad of minor, yet persistent difficulties I had experienced for 30 years. Literally, Dr. Heus brought me back to life.

- J.A.

PhD. Professor of Philosophy and Women Studies

Stuntmen, relatively speaking, have a short career. Rev6 is a form of life extension—letting me work more years than I ever thought possible. Rev6 not only improved the duration of my career but the quality of my work.

- M.N.


I ran and lifted weights everyday even after I injured my back. I became more hunched over no matter how much I trained. Rev6 was a life-changing event. It fixes the sins of your past. I am in great shape now and free of pain doing all the outdoor activities I love. I feel like 18 years old again.

- M.M.


I have always lacked coordination and balance, I was told I should never dance. At 75 I can jump for the first time in my life!

- E. L.

I couldn’t believe how quickly my body transformed. I committed to making a class a day and within the first couple of days I felt stronger, tighter and I had more energy. It was more than just exercise, my body and brain were being re-molded from the inside out. Only Dr. Edythe and Rev6 can do that!

- P.M.

She is a true healer. She is miles above anyone else I have ever worked with in many decades. After I became her patient, there was a time when she moved to California and was not in NYC for many years, and I tried a variety of chiropractors and alternative practitioners. No one, I repeat, no one ever came close to Edythe in any aspect of how to heal and solve the problems of the physical body.

- T. B.

Rev6 is my “in the zone” training. Finally my body can do what my mind always knew it could.

- Steve Finley

Winner of 5 Gold Glove Awards

The training was unlike anything I had previously experienced. It restored my injured shoulder while getting me in outstanding shape. Following my physical at spring training I was told I was in the best shape of anyone. I feel like a 20-year old.

- C.D.

Retired Professional Baseball player

I have been in the health and nutrition industry for 17 years. In October I suffered a very painful hip injury. I saw orthopedists, chiropractors, massage and physical therapists, and acupuncturists and still had pain. Rev6 allowed me to heal and recover within weeks. I then played my best golf ever. I have never felt more balanced in my life.

- D.M.


I had substantial chronic pain in my neck and back. It was so bad I was considering giving up my passion—golf. I was living on aspirin just to get through a game or play ball with my kids. Rev6 eliminated my pain. I feel much more positive about the way I look and feel mentally. Even if occasional pain occurs, I do the program and experience complete relief.

- J.F.

CEO, Fortune 500

I have been in the fire service for 22 years. Rev6’s “out of the box” approach made me function better in the chores of daily life, perform better in sports and achieve greater career longevity and that’s on top of all the rehabilitative and preventive benefits.

- S.C.

Retired Fire Captain

A stunning surprise came to me the first day doing Rev6: my bowing arm suddenly had finer articulation awakened in it, and the proper use of my shoulder muscles came without even thinking! It was as if the neurological toning had matured my cello playing instantaneously. Added to that just after two and half weeks doing Rev6, I lost weight and noticed a drastic reduction of chronic hip, leg and shoulder pain.

- A.P.


I am transforming my health and “getting back” my life thanks to Rev6!

- S. M.

It’s hard to believe that these exercises could improve my failing brain so dramatically. Rev6 gave me my life back!

- J.W.

Her approach was methodical and brilliant. She is not only an excellent diagnostician, but she is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and dietary supplements. She gave me practical solutions and offered innovative treatment ideas and resources. She has been able to address my medical problems in ways that mainstream doctors have not been equipped to handle. What a warm, caring, and talented clinician she is. I feel so fortunate to have worked with her.

- L. L.