Everything you need to rev up your Rev6 practice is here. Enjoy our selection of workouts, courses, and equipment, all designed to help you play bigger.


Perfect for Rev6 enthusiasts who enjoy live instruction and group support. Membership comes with unlimited access to all of our live-streaming classes (Level 1, Level 1/2 Hybrid, Level 2, Pelvic Floor Fitness, and Vitality) and our library of class recordings. It also entitles one member of your household the same benefits. Regular memberships start at $185/month. Choose the plan that works for you!

3-Month Plan

6-Month Plan

12-Month Plan

If you’re looking for a more economical way to enjoy Rev6, try our Replay-only plans:

Replay 3-Month Plan

Replay 6-Month Plan

Replay 12-Month Plan

We also have memberships for those who only want to participate in our senior program, Vitality.
Vitality 3-Month Plan ($100/month)

Vitality 6-Month Plan

Vitality 12-Month Plan

We also offer corporate Vitality membership for Assisted Living Corporations.
Vitality Corporate ($250/month)

Class Packs

When you’re ready to rock and roll with Rev6, these class packs provide access to all of our weekly classes. Drop in whenever you want. Enjoy Rev6 for as low as $30 per class. The more you pack, the more you’ll save!

3 Pack ($135)

6 Pack ($225)

12 Pack ($400)

20 Pack ($600)

Private Sessions

For those who want maximum momentum in minimal time. One-on-one guided instruction will help you excel at doing what you love as quickly as possible. Take note that these sessions are live-streaming only.
30 minutes ($70)
1 Hour ($140)


Stir the athlete inside with our specially-packaged exercise programs. Each bundle consists of 6 45-minute workouts. Choose the bundle that suits your mood, your need, and your ambition. Buy ‘em once. Keep ‘em forever.
Rev6 for Healthy Hips ($99)
Rev6 for a Super Spine ($99)
Rev6 to Upgrade the Fascia ($99)

Rev6 to Free Your Neck

Rev6 for Rotational Power ($99)

Rev6 to Fortify Your Feet ($99)

Rev6 to Upgrade the
Frontal Plane ($99)

Rev6 for the Pelvic Floor and Core ($99)
Rev6 for the Sagittal Plane ($99)
Rev6 For Cyclists ($99)
Rev6 for Your Inner Athlete ($199)
Rev6 Beginner Bundle ($99)


Made for coaches and instructors looking to discover the mechanisms behind the transformative power of Rev6. Master the systems that Dr. Edythe Heus has perfected in over two decades of groundbreaking work, and get your CEUs in the process. Finish them in your own time, at your own pace.

Rev6 Essentials Self-guided Course ($249)

1.2 CEUs

12 CEUs

Rev6 Level 1 Self-guided Course ($899)

1.9 CEUs

15 CEUs

Rev6 Level 1 Hybrid Course ($1,500)

1.9 CEUs

15 CEUs

Rev6 Vitality Self-guided Course ($699)

Rev6 Pelvic Floor Fitness Self-guided Course ($699)

1.2 CEUs

12 CEUs


Elevate your understanding of how your body works and how to train for optimal results with 75-minute webinars led by Dr. Edythe Heus.

The Crippling Truth About Strength Training


Why You Need to Stop Stretching Yourself Silly



Enjoy all the tools you’ll need to play bigger and better. This equipment was handpicked or designed by Dr. Edythe to give you the best results. All items will be shipped out as soon as possible!
Pair of Water Bells ($60)
Foam Slant Board ($20)
Pair of Pipes ($75)
Rev6 65cm Kit ($205, free shipping)
Rev6 75cm Kit ($215, free shipping)