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Rev6 is truly for every body. We’ve created a variety of class types depending on your ability and skill level. Level 1, Level 2, Level 1/2 Hybrid, Pelvic Floor, and Vitality. To find out which Rev6 class-type is a perfect fit for you, check out our class-type breakdown.

This speed and depth of transformation is only possible because Dr. Heus has developed it from a deep understanding of movement, anatomy, musculature, and the vital role of fascia. Dr. Heus’ clients have achieved radical improvements after just 4 days of one-on-one guidance, targeted exercises, bodywork, and a diet upgrade.

Upcoming Classes

Level 1

Monday 12 PM (PST) Dr. Edythe Heus

Level 1/2 Hybrid

Thursday 12 PM (PST) Dr. Edythe Heus

Level 2

Tuesday 12 PM (PST) Dr. Edythe Heus

Pelvic Floor Fitness

Monday 4 PM (PST) Dr. Edythe Heus

Wednesday 4 PM (PST) Dr. Edythe Heus


Wednesdays 7 AM & 11 AM PST with Jacci Farrow

Fridays 7 AM & 11 AM PST with Valerie Sonnenthal