Reveal the mysterious power of Rev6. Learn how the body moves and performs as one, magical, cooperative whole. Master the concepts and systems that Dr. Edythe Heus has perfected in over two decades of groundbreaking work.

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Rev6 Instructors are unlike any traditional coach or trainer. They are more aware, more attuned, and more able to create breakthrough results for others because they truly understand how the brain and the body connect. Join our community of movement pioneers.

Rev6 Self-guided Courses

These courses reveal the principles of Dr. Edythe Heus’ proven exercise program so you’re more able to inspire others to do things they didn’t think possible. Go at your own pace with these time-tested courses. All content is available upon registration.

Rev6 Essentials Course

This entry-level course introduces you to the world of Rev6. It contains 6 modules (12 hours total) that provide you with the tools to start your personal home practice. The course is open to both fitness professionals and non-professionals, welcoming everyone who wants to move better and build their awareness of the Rev6 way.

The Rev6 Essentials Course is approved by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) for Continuing Education Credits (CECs). Practitioners who finish this course will receive 1.2 CEUs for NASM and 12 CEUs for AFAA.


Rev6 Level 1 Course

Introducing our flagship course which covers the Rev6 philosophy and essentials. It also covers an overview of functional assessment and a diagnosis of exercise movement patterns. Upon completion, you are a certified Rev6 Instructor with the ability to facilitate unrestricted movement and heightened neurological health. You’ll get 11 modules that cover the practical applications of the Rev6 program. The course is open to fitness professionals and non-professionals, but it is strongly encouraged to complete the Rev6 Foundation course before signing up.

Certificate of Completion
Certification Available with 12 Contact Hours

Rev6 Pelvic Floor Fitness Course

This Level 1 course is designed to enhance your knowledge and understanding of the pelvic floor and its integral nature with movement as a whole. You will go through a series of 6 Modules (12 hours total) that will cover how to improve pelvic floor health and function through the Rev6 system. The workshop is open to fitness professionals and non-professionals, however, it is strongly encouraged that you have familiarity with Rev6 prior to signing up.

Certificate of Completion
Certification Available with 12 Contact Hours