Introducing Rev6 bundled workout programs.

Stir the athlete inside with these specially-packaged Rev6 Bundle workout programs. In various ways, we have combined specific pre-recorded classes, equipment, and instruction to give you the workout to suit your mood, your need, and your ambition. Buy ‘em once. Keep ‘em forever.

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Get the Rev6 Starter Kit.

The secret to explosive power and strength is here. The Rev6 Starter Kit trains the body and brain and includes over twelve hours of instruction with the Rev 6 Essentials Course, six modules about Rev 6 fundamentals, eleven exercises, and six sequences, and the two key pieces of Rev 6 equipment. This kit is designed to challenge your body and your mind with instability, variable resistance, and plyometrics. Play bigger to become unstoppable.


  • Rev6 Foundation Course
  • Rev6 Gymnastic Ball
  • Rev6 Water Bells
  • Rev6 Slant Board


Sagittal Synergy

Rev6 for the Sagittal Planee

Elevate your performance with targeted training in the sagittal plane. Through this Rev6 program, you will experience explosive strength, precision, and injury prevention through specialized movements that bulletproof your ability to squat, sprint, jump, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, our tailored programs boost dynamic balance, coordination, and power generation. Unleash the true potential of your body within the sagittal plane – where functional movement and athletic prowess converge!

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Power Down There

Rev6 for the Pelvic Floor and Core

This transformative series of Rev6 workouts is designed to benefit athletes, postpartum recovery, and all individuals looking for more core strength. With targeted exercises to promote elasticity and power in the pelvic floor, is the perfect blend of healing, performance enhancement, and restoring sexual function. Embrace the journey to a stronger, more resilient you.

Only $99

Mastering Directional Agility

Rev6 to Upgrade the Frontal Plane

The ability to change direction is a crucial skill that distinguishes good athletes from great athletes. Whether it’s navigating through moguls while skiing, making sharp cuts on the field, or bracing into the hit, the frontal plane plays a vital role in ensuring seamless and effortless transitions. By following this set of workouts, you will not only restore healthy fascia but also enhance your speed, agility, and power through both medial and lateral movements.

Only $99

Barefoot or Bust!

Rev6 To Fortify Your Feet

Our strength as athletes is determined by our weakest link, which for many of us is often our feet and ankles. The feet serve as the literal foundation of performance and provide valuable insights into our overall health. Through this set of workouts, you will strengthen your feet, alleviate chronic foot problems, and enhance elasticity and shock absorption from the ground up. This program is particularly beneficial for individuals looking to transition to barefoot-style shoes efficiently while minimizing the risk of injuries.

Only $99

Becoming the Ultimate Athlete

Rev6 for Rotational Power

While numerous factors contribute to athletic greatness, there is no denying the significance of rotational power in terms of strength, performance, and long-term success in sports. The Rev6 series zeroes in on precisely that, enabling the unleashing of effortless rotational power starting from the very foundation. Discover how to revive resilient and responsive fascia in the rotational plane, effectively addressing imbalances within the body and unlocking the inherent power that has always resided within.

Only $99

Light as a Feather

Rev6 to Free Your Neck

Experience the liberation of your neck and spine with the transformative power of Rev6: Free Your Neck! This comprehensive series of dynamic workouts empowers you to elevate the essential aspect of elongating your spine. By doing so, you will discover a reduction in tension, heightened focus, enhanced clarity, and a remarkable improvement in the precision and fluidity of your movements throughout the day.

Only $99

BOSU Blast

Rev6 to Upgrade the Fascia

Elevate your performance to new heights with Bosu Blast. Unlock the potential of your inner athlete, access the flow state, and unleash your fullest potential with this invigorating series of five workouts. Prepare to exceed your limits and play at a level larger than ever before!

Only $99

Lift Off!

Rev6 for a Super Spine.

Ignite your athleticism to new heights with Lift Off, an electrifying series of videos. Unleash your true potential as you learn how to amplify lift throughout your torso and rejuvenate elasticity in your spine. Propel yourself to greater heights, enhance your running speed, harness explosive rotational power, and awaken the dormant athlete within. Prepare to soar beyond your limits!

Only $99

Nonstop Hip Hop!

Rev6 for Healthy Hips

Embark on a transformative journey with this set of workouts, designed to teach you the art of integrating the Rev6 Essentials for maintaining optimal hip function and fluid movement. By addressing hip issues, you can alleviate pain and stiffness not only in the hips but also in other interconnected areas such as the lower back and knees. Say goodbye to aching hip pain, revive healthy hip function, and potentially delay or eliminate the need for a hip replacement.

Only $99