This final exam is a culmination of everything you have learned thus far in the Level 1 course. You will be tested on your competency of the Rev6 system as if you are a working Rev6 Level 1 practitioner with real-world clients.

The exam is split into two parts: the written and practical exams. The written exam is comprised of questions regarding mock clients. They are meant to test your critical thinking on potential scenarios during Rev6 training sessions. All questions are essay/open answer-style. Some questions are multi-part, so please read and answer each one thoroughly. The practical exam is found at the end of the final, which will test your assessment and teaching skills. Some prompts will require you to record yourself, so be prepared with the necessary equipment.

In order to take the final exam, you must complete all of the previous quizzes and assignments in the course. The final exam is due within 2 calendar weeks of completing the course. Good luck!