Congratulations on completing the Foundation Course! If you followed the course material over the recommended 6 week period, we would like you to do now is take posture photos of yourself once more, and compare them side to side to the posture photos you took in Week 1 (brief instructions are below)

There are a few review questions for you to answer, and we can’t wait to hear about your progress and results! In addition, there are a few course evaluation questions where we would love your feedback on your learning experience. In completing the final review questions, you will also receive your certificate of completion for this course!

How to Take Posture Photos:

  • Make sure you are barefoot and wearing clothes that aren’t too baggy or cumbersome
  • Use a flat/blank wall behind you, ideally, something that is white and that has good lighting
  • Please take the photos horizontally. Make sure that your whole body is showing with about an inch of background space between you and the frame of the shot
  • Recommended setup for each photo is to march in place with your eyes closed for about 10 seconds. This will allow your body to “reset” and fall into place naturally. We want your posture to be as natural as possible (e.g., please limit active mindfulness of Essentials, etc.)
  • You will take 4 photos in total: one facing towards the camera, 2 shots of either side, and one facing away from the camera
  • Please upload your photos below with the title “Last Name, First Name – Posture Photo __