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Rev6 to Upgrade the Frontal Plane

The ability to change direction is a crucial skill that distinguishes good athletes from great athletes. Whether it's navigating through moguls while skiing, making sharp cuts on the field, or bracing into the hit, the frontal plane plays a vital role in ensuring seamless and effortless transitions. By following this set of workouts, you will not only restore healthy fascia but also enhance your speed, agility, and power through both medial and lateral movements.


Rev6 to Fortify Your Feet

We are only strong as our weakest link; for most of us, this weakness usually lies in our feet and ankles. The feet are literally the foundation of performance and often the best gauge of one’s overall health. With this series of workouts, you will fortify your feet, reverse chronic foot issues, and restore elasticity and shock absorption from the ground up. This is also a key program for those seeking to transition to barefoot-style shoes quicker and avoid injuries along the way.


Rev6 for a Super Spine

This series of 5 workouts will help you learn how to integrate the Rev6 Essentials for healthy hip function and movement.


Rev6 for Healthy Hips

This series of 5 workouts will help you learn how to integrate the Rev6 Essentials for healthy hip function and movement.

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Discover the transformative power of Rev6. Learn how the body moves and performs as one cohesive unit. Master the systems that Dr. Edythe Heus has perfected in over two decades of groundbreaking work.

Rev6 Level 1 Course

Experience the in-depth philosophy and practical application of Rev6 with our flagship Level 1 course.


Rev6 Pelvic Floor Fitness Course

Restore elasticity, tone, and strength to the pelvic floor with the Rev6 Pelvic Floor Fitness Level 1 course.


Rev6 Essentials Course

Build your awareness of the Rev6 Essentials and develop healthy functional movement patterns with this entry-level course.

Alumni Gatherings

Join Rev6 Creator Dr. Edythe Heus every third Thursday of the month at 4:30 PM PST for an online gathering with other Rev6 course students and alumni! Enjoy a special 30-minute workout followed by case studies, guest speakers, and discussions of training techniques.

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