Foundation & Pelvic Floor Fitness Workshop


Please select if you would like lunch provided both days, one day, or if you will provide your own

As you may know, Rev6 has a community on the East Coast. Since Dr. Edythe moved to California full time, we often explore how to stay connected with her beloved East Coast family.

Not only did this inspire an all-virtual landscape of education, but Community Events that will bring Dr. Edythe for a whole week to your community. She loves field trips!

A holistic wellness leader in Martha’s Vineyard, Valerie Sonnenthal, owner of Peaked Hill Studio, has invited Dr. Edythe to offer a Community Event on September 9 – 15.

Dr. Edythe will be offering:

  • a two-day weekend workshop
  • 6 group classes
  • one-on-one movement diagnostics and custom programs

If Martha’s Vineyard calls you for a visit, please let us know so you can join what will be a spectacular Rev6 Community Event in one of the most picturesque islands on the East Coast.


After your purchase Mayra will reach out with more details!