Introducing a revolution in our brand
Dr. Edythe Heus
March 10, 2023

It is time to change things, put ourselves out and play BIG.  

We have a new name, new colors, and a clear message that we believe will be well received by our audience of curious, daring, connected explorers of movement desiring to push their limits.

Our communications just weren’t representing the impact we’ve had on people’s lives. And it’s about time we brought our brand up to date with who we are and what we stand for. 

In collaboration with an amazing team, we came up with our new name Rev6.  Why Rev6?  Well, we have been referring to Rev6 as Rev informally so now it is official, and the 6. That stands for the 6 Essentials, the vital tools upon which Rev6 is built. We didn’t give up Rev6, it is now sort of like a tagline. Our copy and logo will include Rev6, a Rev6.

I am thrilled with the new name, for me, it represents who we are, relevant and edgy, and it sure is a lot easier to say.

In the coming weeks and months, you will see a transformation in our communications. I hope you’ll notice how much more powerful, compelling, and frankly beautiful they are. I hope you feel the same sense of pride that I do. 

Nothing will change in how you experience the new Rev6. The practice and the products will remain the same. 

But, you will see a dramatic improvement in how we talk about ourselves. And I hope you will continue to spread the word about our good work. 

I send this video to you with continued love, appreciation, and admiration

See you soon,

Dr. Edythe Heus