Level 1, Pelvic Floor Fitness, Vitality
Valerie Sonnenthal

Teaching gives me the opportunity to share tools so my students can enjoy their bodies and live more fully. I’m here to help promote healing, help people stay out of pain and balance their nervous systems. Approaching age fifty with chronic foot pain, I began studying different practices and came in contact with Rev6, taking classes whenever I could. I have since been certified as an instructor for Vitality, Pelvic Floor Fitness and Rev6 Level 1. In addition, I have also been certified as a 1000+ hour Kaiut Yoga teacher and Sound Healing Practitioner through NYC’s Open Center Sound Music Institute; and a Don Conreaux Gong Master. I created Peaked Hill Studio to offer regular Sound Journeys and classes online and in-person on Martha’s Vineyard, my home for the last 18 years, and in Providence, RI.