Level 1, Pelvic Floor Fitness
Mayra McCullough

My fitness journey began with the question: How can I take ownership of my own health?

Intuitively I was guided towards nature and the outdoors after an 8 year run in the confines of indoor training at elite gyms as a personal trainer. The more intimate I got with nature, the more I understood my body’s nature.

My quest lead me to Rev6, the modality of movement most attuned to our body’s ecology that I have encountered to date after 12 Certifications. Rev6 tends the soil of our body’s ecosystem with precision and skill, tapping to the body’s capacity to regenerate.

Rev6 facilitates the best version of ourselves and that is what I’m eager to offer my clients, a bulletproof opportunity to tap to the mighty intelligence our own body holds.

I love working with those ready to dive to a daily practice, at home, forever to uncover the answers their bodies are ready to provide.