Level 1, Pelvic Floor Fitness, Vitality
Jacci Farlow

I never planned on teaching. For me, Rev6 was a new way to exercise on a deeper level. Sun salutations bored me, boot camp gyrations injured me and pilates only went so far. No one explained to me what benefits came from what movements. Then serendipitously I ran into someone who told me and showed me Rev6. Life changed! A long time hip issue resolved, new energy emerged, better balance and posture blossomed, no aches or pains anywhere. I had a new outlook on what it meant to be fit in my 60s. At 67, I became dedicated to learning as much as I could, I developed  a daily practice and delved into virtual classes. I became a certified instructor – a far cry from being a photographer and property manager – and could share Rev6 with people of all ages be free from pain and the stigma of aging. I still have my other careers but my weekly Rev6 practice brings me balance and resiliency. The virtual classes are invaluable in working closely with Dr. Edythe, learning from the creator of these exceptional exercises. My hope is that millions will join this monumental movement than enhances, expands, and extols existence itself! Remodel your body and your mind – are you ready to Rock’n Rev6?