Level 1, Level 2, Pelvic Floor Fitness
April Graham

I will never forget my last mountain bike race as a pro.

I was racing on a flat surface in my granny gear because it felt as if there was a knife in my back. That day, I decided that my well-being was more important than climbing the pro ranks.

I believed in movement as medicine due to my exercise science degrees. Unfortunately, the classic biomechanical model lacked complexity, limiting my understanding of my potential to heal.

At Bastyr University, during naturopathic medical school, I learned to apply Rev6™ with

Fascial Manipulation® – the Stecco® Method. These tools healed my back, and the

derailing of my bike racing sparked a new way for me to help others.

Now, I am a Rev6 Instructor, combining Fascial Manipulation® with naturopathic medicine to assist my patients in restoring their bodies to healthy, active lives.