the Rev6 Immersive.

This all-in Rev6 experience is designed to change you in ways you can’t imagine. Jill Thompson says, “It’s not an overstatement to say these 4-days changed my life! I’ve never felt so healthy and fit as I did after the time I spent with Dr. Heus.” What would have taken months, even years, to achieve, a Rev6 Immersive can do in days.

This speed and depth of transformation is only possible because Dr. Heus has developed it from a deep understanding of movement, anatomy, musculature, and the vital role of fascia. Dr. Heus’ clients have achieved radical improvements after just 4 days of one-on-one guidance, targeted exercises, bodywork, and a diet upgrade.

The four-day
Immersive includes:

Before you arrive:

  • Dr. Heus Anti-Inflammatory Reset Diet 2 weeks prior
  • Comprehensive blood draw and analysis 1-2 weeks prior
  • Before-and-after assessment

Intake and metrics:

  • Neurological exam to access strengths, weaknesses, balance, posture, and gait (photos and video)
  • Assess planes of movement to evaluate where movement is disrupted
  • Assessment upon completion to measure progress
  • Daily 4-6 hours of exercise and/or bodywork which may consist of:
  • Manual therapy-fascial manipulation
  • Neurostimulation & Functional neurology exercises
  • Percussive therapy
  • Laser Therapy
  • Targeted exercises to remodel the body and improve agility, movement, reflexes, and range of motion
  • There will be an ongoing assessment of your progress and the program will be modified as necessary

Follow-up post-immersive:

  • Videos of your customized program(s)
  • 4 Follow up virtual sessions (30 minutes)
  • One month of complimentary access to Rev6 Studio (virtual classes and recordings
  • Follow-up blood draw and analysis 3 months post Immersive (state and country dependent)

Private Rev6 Immersives include 3 meals a day but do not include accommodations, additional food, supplements, or additional lab testing other than the comprehensive blood test.

Group Rev6 Immersives include 3 meals a day and accommodations but do not include supplements, or additional lab testing other than the comprehensive blood test.

“I am a professional dancer and recently had major abdominal surgery. As a Rev6 fanatic, I was not surprised that my recovery moved quickly. My doctors were in awe about how fast I bounced back. Shortly after recovery, I did a 2-hour solo performance with more explosiveness than I had before surgery.”

Rachna Nivas

Kathak Dancer & Educator