Tune in. Train up.

Dr. Edythe Heus has developed exercises and sequences based on a deep understanding of our fascia and nervous system to help you keep your body mobile and help you keep your nervous system online and firing appropriately. When you take a Rev6 class, it’s not uncommon to have a whole class intended to improve the health of your gallbladder, kidneys, lymphatic system, or pelvic organs.

“Connective tissue forms a body-wide network that surrounds and permeates all muscles and interfaces with all other tissues and organs of the body. Thus, connective tissue is now beginning to fill the gaps in the knowledge of how physiologic systems are integrated with one another, and how the body functions as an interconnected whole.”

Helene Langevin, MD,
et al., states in “Reconnecting the Body in Eastern and Western Medicine” The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Volume 23, Number 4, 2017

Your fascia
connects everything.

When you work the fascia, you will strengthen, rebuild, and restore your body from the inside out. Each Rev6 class will help you build strength and muscle at the same time revitalize your fascia, regenerate your nervous system, and reboot your brain.

Calm = Clarity

If you’re expecting a 90s grunge mix or pan flutes and wind chimes, you’re missing the point of Rev6. Rev6 is a mindfulness practice as much as it is an exercise program—challenging both body and mind. You will practice in silence so you can listen to the cues, tune into your body, adjust your form, and breathe with intention. You will deepen your experience in ways that stay with you 24-48 hours after your last exercise.

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