Prepare for
liftoff with Rev6.

Congratulations. You’re about to revolutionize the way you move and the way you feel. This page will ready you for everything Rev6 so you’ll be able to drop into a class with confidence. Here is where you’ll get an introduction to the principles of Rev6 so you can ease into this revolutionary way of moving.

3 steps to an
unstoppable you.

Step 1: Get A Ball

Before you start working out, you first need the right size Rev6 gymnastic ball. Watch the videos below to help you size your ball. You can also order our favorite ball or a pair of Rev6 water bells, which are suggested but not required at this time.

Step 2: Learn About The Essentials

The Rev6 Essentials are the key to transforming how your body moves and performs, and is the basis of why Rev6 is so powerful. Watch the Rev6 Six Essentials video below to learn how to integrate it in your daily workouts and life.

Step 3: Workout

Explore our selection of complimentary beginner Rev6 workouts below. By taking these classes and practicing at home a few times a week, you will see incredible changes like staying more upright, mobile, and youthful. In just a few sessions, you’ll notice nagging injuries start to vanish.

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