Why Feet Are Crucial in the Steps Towards Finding Balance and Health

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Stressors Create Instability in Our Life and Body

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How Your Feet Affect Your Overall Health

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Propel through life by cultivating your feet

Written by Alex Kalinkos

Written by Alex Kalinkos

Rev6 Practitioner | New York

Communicative, adaptive, responsive, intelligent, grounded, powerful. These are not just qualities that you want to cultivate in yourself, they are the qualities that you want to cultivate in your feet! Our feet are designed to communicate with the entire body, to assist in informing us where exactly we are as we move and propel through space. The ground beneath us is ever-changing, in texture, slope, unforeseen potholes, it is the responsibility of the feet to “think” quickly and respond to keep us safe and moving along smoothly. The feet ground us both physically and energetically to the Earth we live on.

“The feet ground us both physically and energetically to the Earth we live on.”

The busyness of life can often leave us disconnected from the ground and draw too much energy up to our heads resulting in constant repetitive mental chatter, the feet are the key to bringing us back down to the center. The feet provide our propulsion through life, we need strong, resilient, and powerful feet to walk with courage along our path. Treat your feet well and they will serve you in more ways than you can imagine.

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