Finding Home with Rev6

Rev6 Exercises with Dr. Edythe that will help you find home and a discussion with Rev6 Practitioners about this self-reflective subject.

Where is Home?

Written by Bob Postupak
Rev6 Practitioner

As I sat with my hot cup of Chinese herbs, I sat with the subject selected by Dr. Edythe for tonight’s Alumni Gathering, “Finding Home.”

What is “Home”?

Home to me is stillness. That stillness allows me to find my center and move from it. That Home or stillness is neither Yin nor Yang, neither positive nor negative. We can also see Home as emptiness. That moment while doing the nurturing Frog Rock when the body is draped over the ball, toes are engaged, and you feel that stillness before the movement. That stillness is Home, center, emptiness.

If you look at it from a seasonal perspective, Frog Rock is winter in some ways. In winter, we store our energy, we do work, but nothing is overly taxing. It’s also a gentle Yin movement. Let’s look at rolling out to dive, starting in that Home (stillness state) we roll out/dive out, which becomes the spring season (spring yang, new growth); but we always return to stillness, Home, the emptiness of the Frog Rock’s squat.

So too, with Skater. Skater can’t be performed without stillness and emptiness first. When you sit at the top of the ball, one finds stillness, centeredness, emptiness. Then we move from the center to find one foot grounding and pushing back to return to center, stillness, Home.

Let’s look at the end of the practice as having the purpose of refining ourselves to help us return to Home or emptiness. That calm after the practice, that nothingness, lightness, the buzzing felt after a Rev6 sequence, is Home.

Attention and Awareness: Keys to Home

Written by Alex Kalinkos
Rev6 Practitioner

The idea of home has taken on various meanings for me throughout my life. The threads that have stayed the same are that home is a place of refuge, it is a place I feel a sense of ease, comfort, safety, filled with and connected to the ones that I love. What has changed is the structure and location of it. Home is no longer a house with rooms that I leave in the morning and return to at night. Home is right here, within me, housed by my body, mobile, adaptive and always connected. For me home resides in the center line of my body, an energetic domain that transmits and receives information. This is the central place from which movement travels outward and expresses out into the world, and when it is time for restoration it is the place I focus on in order to return, rest and process. Attention and awareness are the keys to this home. Spending time just hanging out at home, doing the daily cleaning and maintenance that comes with being a home owner, fine tune this awareness of the body and opens the door to the potential that lies within. Rev6 has not only allowed me to arrive in this sense of home but it is the perfect tool to maintain my house on a daily basis so I truly feel like the master of my home.

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