“If there were a better program out there, I’d be doing it.”

Dr. Edythe Heus: Founder of Rev6

By: Steven Kotler Author of Gnar Country

Dr. Edythe Heus is the founder of Rev6. For years, she’s been the secret weapon behind the success and longevity of dozens and dozens of professional athletes. She’s also done astounding work with neurological disorders, and designed one of the best performing movement protocols for older adults.

Dr. Heus’ specialty is the nervous system. My specialty is abusing my nervous system. So, you know, we were well matched. Most nerve endings are in the feet, hands, and face. In a fully functioning body, during any movement, there is fast and fluid communication between these nerve endings and the cerebellum. The cerebellum is an ancient part of the brain that controls movement. The brain is the two pounds of grey goo that connects the user with the signal relay station on Cygnus OB2 #12.

Additionally, inside the body, the fascia is the superhighway for all of these nerve signals. Much of Dr. Heus’ work is designed to repair the health of that highway, and then ensure that signal traffic flows at maximum velocity. This is also the thinking behind barefoot workouts on unstable surfaces. If the soles of your feet are not in contact with your training surface, then nerve ending stimulation is seriously blunted.

To recalibrate those nerves? Remove your shoes, stand barefoot on uneven and textured surfaces, and engage in dynamic motions that demand active feet. The results are faster reaction times, greater power and force, and a noticeable increase in proprioception (the ability to know where the body is in space), interoception (the ability to detect the body’s internal signals), balance and agility.

Put it this way. I broke my back a while back. Crippling pain and the feeling of a lead pipe where my lumbar spine used to be. For a year, I tried everything. Then I tried Dr. Heus. Within three months, most of the pain was gone and I set a new record for my maximum squat. Within six months, I was skiing some of the hardest lines I’d ever skied, and skiing them better than ever before.

Also, be psychically prepared. A Rev6 workout is unlike anything you’ve ever done. Sure, you can get online and watch videos and it doesn’t look so hard. That’s exactly what I thought. Dr. Heus’ workouts reveal and correct just about every weakness—from instability in your ankles to blindspots in your vision—but not, in my experience, without considerable swearing.

I do a twenty-minute Rev6 warm-up sequence before every workout and a five-minute Rev6 cooldown afterward. I also incorporate about five-to-seven Rev6 exercises into my strength training routine. If you’re want to train with Dr. Heus, options range from online classes to in-person workshops to one-on-one coaching. 

Tools and Therapies

Manual Therapies

The primary manual diagnostic and therapeutic tool Dr. Heus is Stecco Fascial Manipulation. This system is the most compatible with Rev6 seamlessly restoring fascia through manual manipulation and movement. Together movement and wellness are restored quickly, efficiently and for the long term.

Additional therapies include: lymphatic drainage, cranial sacral therapy, muscle energy, medical qi gong, visceral therapy, the list is endless.

StimPod NMS 460

Dr. Heus uses the StimPod to identify troubled nerves and heal them. It delivers a unique radio wave frequency that does the healing but the nerve stimulation is essential to identify the troubled nerve and validate its healing. She has used it for nerve and joint pain, peripheral neuropathy, cranial nerve problems, aberrant mobility, stroke, neurological conditions with exceptional results with the added benefit of alleviating anxiety and depression.
It is a valuable tool for optimizing performance at any level.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a form of Photobiomodulation. Light of varying wavelengths and power is used to heal injuries and lesions, reduce inflammation, reduce pain and remodel fascia. Although it is not known exactly how laser therapy works it is a photochemical process. Laser will reduce oxidative stress and increase ATP improving cell metabolism and reducing inflammation. Dr. Heus uses the LZ30-ProZ laser which is the top-of-the-line product in LLLT and a Class 5 laser.

Functional Neurology Tools

Dr. Heus uses numerous tools to enhance brain-body communication and performance as well as for the treatment of neurological conditions. These tools include but are not limited to the Neuro Sensory Integrator, Right Eye System, The Wavy System, SportGait technology, the LooKee device, and the Motion Guidance system.

Functional Medicine

Blood, saliva, urine and stool testing may be a necessary part of a patient’s intake. Dr. Heus uses the results of the tests and the aforementioned tools to compile a comprehensive picture of your health and how it can be restored. Customized diets and supplementation are a critical part of restoring wellness and advancing performance at the highest level.

Additional Therapies

Fascia manipulation, lymphatic drainage, kinesiotaping are a few of the multitudes of therapies Dr. Heus has been trained in and uses.

“Doing a 4-day immersive was my best investment since college.”

“The pains I had thought were simply being part of my age had gone, and I was moving younger and stronger. Now that I’m home keeping up the exercises and regimen that Dr. Edythe prescribed, I just keep feeling better and more in awe of her knowledge and insight.”

Lisa Wolfe