Rev6 Instructor Recertification/Renewal

Stay Current With Rev6!

Rev6 is a continuously evolving practice whose breadth and depth of impact on its clients continue to expand. The Rev6 Instructor Recertification/Renewal program ensures that our Rev6 Instructors also continue to expand their knowledge and skills, actively engage with the Rev6 community, and stay connected with the latest offerings from Rev6.

How to Recertify/Renew

As a certified Rev6 Instructor, you are required to acquire 10 Rev6 CEUs every two-year period. Options for Rev6 CEUs include, but are not limited to:

  • Attend Virtual Classes, 1 class = 0.5 CEUs
  • Teach Virtual Classes, 1 class = 1 CEUs
    • Available for Rev6 Core Instructors only
  • Attend Alumni Gatherings, 0.5 CEUs
  • Case Studies of clients/patients, 2 CEUs
    • Posture, Gait, Essentials Analysis with pictures, before and after
    • What sequence(s) was/were performed
    • What did you learn, what went well, where did you fall short, what would you have done differently?
    • Note: Must have worked with the client regularly for at least 12 sessions. Only one client may be used per case study (i.e., cannot use the same client for multiple case studies) for each certification renewal period.
  • Rev6 Institute Self-Guided Courses, 1 course = 10 CEUs

A CEU Tracker is provided in Step 1. Please use this to document your CEUs.

When all CEUs are completed, please upload them in Step 2 of this course. Please note that we will not accept an incomplete list of CEUs.


What is the benefit of Rev6 Instructor Recertification/Renewal?

A current Rev6 Instructor certification is required to practice Rev6 with clients in both private and group settings. In addition to staying current with Rev6 guidelines, certified Rev6 Instructors will also be listed on our Rev6 Instructor Page. Rev6 Instructors also have an opportunity to teach Virtual Group Classes, receive private clients through the Rev6 website, and other prospective opportunities with the Rev6 Institute.

Do any additional CEUs accumulated past the 10 CEU requirement carry over?

No, any CEUs accumulated stay within the respective 2-year recertification/renewal period. All CEUs reset at the next 2-year period.

Can I recertify/renew if my current credentials have expired?

If all recertification/renewal requirements have not been met by the expiration date, your Rev6 Instructor certification will expire. Recertification/Renewal applications will be accepted up to one year from the expiration date if all CEUs have been completed by then, and a $99 late fee will be charged. If your credentials have expired for over a year, the CEU requirement must still be met, and you may be subject to additional testing and associated fees to ensure that you are current with best practice guidelines and deemed competent to practice Rev6 with clients.

Notice as of Feb 12, 2024: All previously certified Rev6 Instructors will receive a grace period through 2026 to complete their CEUs.