Rev6 to Upgrade the Sagittal Plane
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Elevate your performance with targeted training in the sagittal plane. Through this Rev6 program, you will experience explosive strength, precision, and injury prevention through specialized movements that bulletproof your ability to squat, sprint, jump, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, our tailored programs boost dynamic balance, coordination, and power generation. Unleash the true potential of your body within the sagittal plane – where functional movement and athletic prowess converge!

This bundle includes (6) Virtual Class recordings from the Level 1, Level 1/2 Hybrid, Level 2, and Pelvic Floor Fitness classes.

  • Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Required Equipment:
    • Stability Ball
    • Water Bells
    • Slant Board
    • Pipes
    • BOSU Ball

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