No matter your background, your abilities, or your skill level, Rev6 is an exercise program that caters to the individual. If you are unsure which Rev6 class suits you best, here’s all you need to know and expect from your Rev6 class experience.

Rev6 Level 1

Live-streaming on Mondays at 12 PM (PST)

If you consider yourself a novice to intermediate student and are ready to repair and rebuild your body, revitalize your fascia, and regenerate your nervous system, Level 1 is your jam. You’ll be presented with a range of instability challenges and variable means of resistance to restore and improve the stretch reflex in preparation for plyometrics. Pepper in some breathing dynamics and you will be challenged, invigorated, and pushed to be your best.

Each class is a unique sequence of movements based on stated goals at the beginning of the class. One class may focus on refining the connection between your lower abdominals and your shoulders, another on your pelvic floor and hips. We build classes to support previous classes.

Rev6 is a dynamic ever-expanding system that organizes your body so it can expand and accommodate progressive ways of moving, thinking, and living.

Like the Rev6 Foundation class, you will perform several repetitions of an exercise while the Rev6 instructor describes key components to performing the exercise successfully. The instructor will watch and provide precise instructions for you. As with all Rev6 classes, they are small and you can expect plenty of personalized instruction.

Duration: 40 minutes
Prerequisite: Rev6 Foundation class mastery or equivalent

Rev6 Level 1/2 Hybrid

Live-streaming on Thursdays at 12 PM (PST)

Mastered Level 1 but not quite ready to tackle Level 2? The Level 1/2 Hybrid is the perfect class for you.

Hybrid sequences feature exercises you are familiar with from Level 1, but introduce more instability from the BOSU Ball, Pipes, and Slant Board. This additional instability stimulates the sensory receptors in the fascia, which is our body’s biggest sensory organ. Activating the fascia this way improves the integration between our nervous and musculoskeletal systems, promoting efficient movement.

Taking the Level 1/2 Hybrid class once a week can help you progress to the Level 2 class in no time. Bit by bit, you’ll improve your balance, agility, and strength.

Duration: 45 minutes
Prerequisite:Rev6 Foundation class mastery or equivalent
Equipment: Ball, bells, Rev6 slant board, Rev6 pipes, BOSU ball (OPTIONAL)

Rev6 Level 2

Live-streaming on Tuesdays at 12 PM (PST)

Whether you are an athlete looking for an edge or someone that likes to push your limits, Level 2 is the class for you. These classes are dynamic, challenging, risky, and playful. And they are designed to make you uncomfortable. Despite the discomfort, you will be fully engaged, fully immersed, and fully focused during the class. You will feel expanded, integrated, and renewed.

The brain thrives on novelty and that is what this class delivers. Dynamic, complex movements on diverse and challenging unstable surfaces with varying resistances, including jump training.

As with the other classes, the instructor performs the exercises with you, makes corrections, and amps up the intensity appropriate to the participants. The effect of Rev6 Level 2 classes continues for 24-48 hours afterward.

Duration: 45 minutes
Prerequisite: Rev6 Level 1 class mastery or equivalent
Equipment: Ball, bells, Rev6 slant board, Rev6 pipes, BOSU ball (1 or 2)

Rev6 Pelvic Floor Fitness

Live-streaming on Monday and Wednesday at 4 PM (PST)

If you are interested in improving your alignment and creating a source of power and strength that will radically change your athletic ability, then try a Rev6 Pelvic Floor class. You will see improvements in your physical, mental, emotional, and sexual well-being. The benefits become apparent in as few as 3 sessions.

This class will restore elasticity, tone, and strength to your pelvic floor. Both women and men benefit from this class. Very few people–even professional athletes–have trained the pelvic floor in this way. Each class is unique and builds upon the progress we’ve made in the preceding classes. Each member will receive individual attention and correction.

Breath is a vital component of pelvic floor fitness and is incorporated into all of the sequences. These classes will help reverse the aging process and resolve other functional issues within the body. You will experience the connection between your pelvic floor and your feet, hips, abdominal muscles, spine, and—as with all Rev6 workouts—your brain.

Duration: 45 minutes
Prerequisite: Rev6 Foundation class mastery or equivalent
Equipment: Ball, bells, Rev6 slant board, Rev6 pipes, BOSU ball (1 or 2)

Rev6 Vitality

Live-streaming on Wednesday and Fridays at 7 AM & 11 AM (PST)

If you’re looking to improve your balance, agility, posture, gait, reaction time, and flexibility, if you want to prevent falls and increase your energy and focus, then a Rev6 Vitality class is just what you need.

Rev6 Vitality is based on the same principles of all Rev6 programs: novel, integrative, and complex movements that are also fun and challenging. With Rev6 Vitality, we have honed in the neurologically-based aspect of the Rev6 system of movement to enhance the lives of older members. Sequences will be provided for the treatment of specific conditions, as well as guidelines to follow to ensure positive outcomes.

Over time, you’ll notice doing things you haven’t done in your life. You’ll feel more confident, and energized with more spring in your step.

Duration: 30 minutes
Prerequisite: None
Equipment:  Rev6 pipes, Rev6 slant board, wiggle cushion, balance board, 2 weighted soft balls (Rev6 Vitality Equipment List here)