Introducing Rev6:
a revolutionary mind-body training made for baseball.

Why were Steve Finley, able to swing, run, jump, and throw more freely and confidently, and play at a higher level longer? As Steve says, “Rev6 is your in-the-zone training.”

Baseball is a game of micro-fractions. The smallest impingement, the slightest blockage, the tiniest distraction can turn a hit into a miss. For success on the diamond, you need your full complement of skills, focus, coordination, reaction time, strength, and endurance to fire up on demand. Rev6 is designed to get you there.

Join us
for the one-day Rev6 experience.

The more time you are in the zone, the more motivated you are, the more successful you are, and the stronger and more durable you become. This one-day immersive will provide the exercises, brain work, bodywork, and nutrition support to upgrade your “athletic operating system” for new levels of performance. Breakthroughs are guaranteed.
Here’s what you’ll experience during the Rev6 Pro Baseball Immersive:

8 AM


Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a sacrifice! Your delicious, anti-inflammatory breakfast will be prepared by Dr. Heus.

9 AM


Top doctors in the fields of performance, movement, neurology, and physiology evaluate your power, explosiveness, mobility, strength, posture, balance, and focus. You will be evaluated repeatedly during the day, watching your improvements and seeing what is getting in your way.

10 AM


Using the Rev6 training system, we will ensure every part of your body is working as a unit. If it isn’t, we get you there using this fascial and neurological exercise system that targets the feet, balance, and rotational movements.

11 AM

Fascial Manipulation

We correct the deeper restrictions affecting your performance.

1 PM


We will break for lunch with another anti-inflammatory meal by Dr. Edythe.

2 PM


After fueling your brain, it has exercises to do, which will be built into whatever Rev6 sequences are designed for you.

5 PM

Wind Down

We assess where you are, how far you have come, and what you do going forward. You will be given brain exercises and workouts to do on your own.


Top doctors continually observe and record your power, explosiveness, mobility, strength, and balance throughout the day

Rev6 Training:

Activate all of your senses to ensure every part of you works optimally as a unit

Fascial Manipulation:

Correct the deeper restrictions that impede performance

Brain work:

Sharpen your senses and connections for faster reactions and better decisions

Wind Down:

Assess where you are, how far you have come, and how to keep you in the zone

Meals Included:

Delicious, anti-inflammatory breakfast and lunch prepared by Dr. Heus

Dr. Edythe Heus

Founder of Rev6,
Stecco Fascial Manipulation® Practitioner,
Student of the Carrick Institute for Functional Neurology

Stefano Casade

Master Stecco Fascial Manipulation® Practitioner and Instructor

Dr. April Graham

Naturopathic Doctor,
Stecco Fascial Manipulation® Specialist .
Rev6 Instructor

Rev6 is my ‘in the zone’ training. Finally my body can do what my mind always knew it could.

– Steve Finley, Former Major League Baseball Player & Winner of 5 Golden Glove Awards
Skied two of the biggest lines of my life on Monday and then got into the terrain park on Wednesday and learned two new tricks. This is literally the first time since breaking my back that any of that has happened. I am overjoyed.”
– Steven Kotler, Bestselling author and Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective
I believed that Rev6 was going to do something but I didn’t think it was going to flip a switch completely!”
– Rebecca Rusch, 7x World Champion Adventure Athlete
I’ve been encouraged to have hip surgery. Exploring my options, I found Rev6. Since then, there’s been a huge change in my stride and freedom of movement. Now, before my feet hit the floor, I make sure I do Rev6 workouts. Even just a few minutes a day make a huge difference.”
– Heidi Volpe, Champion Bicyclist, Director of Photography, and Creative Director

Are You Ready To Play Bigger?

When: November 13, 2023
Where: Thousand Oaks, CA
Meals Included
Cost: $2,500

Only 5 Slots Available